#StrongMoms We Love


I first met Janine in one of my prenatal strength training classes during her 2nd pregnancy. She was a regular that I could always count on. If she couldn't make it to class at 7AM, she'd be sure to make the 7PM instead. Nothing stood between her and her workout.

After an evening class, we found ourselves in the same subway car and discovered that we also lived within blocks of one another! From there, our Brooklyn mom bond was sealed and we never looked back.

I've had the pleasure of training Janine through her 2nd and 3rd pregnancies and postpartum recoveries. She's a lifelong athlete, a full time architect + wife and mom of 3. Prior to pregnancy, she was a triathlete and now, just a year after baby #3, she' training for her first marathon!

How does she do it? She follows a balanced schedule to make sure she fits it all in.

Meet Janine in this instagram LIVE we did together. Allow her to inspire you as well.

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