The Strong Mom Society


All the exercise resources you need for pregnancy and postpartum. CUSTOMIZED.

Strong Mom Society ensures you navigate your perinatal journey with confidence and strength so you never miss out on the daily activities you love.

Our Corrective Exercise approach guarantees you a workout designed to enhance your uniquely unstoppable lifestyle. Membership give you access to 100's of on-demand corrective exercises, educational workshops and workouts + unlimited access to your own Pre and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist through a personalized self assessments, coaching calls, emails and live monthly workouts.

Strong Mom Society is bringing customization to on-demand fitness. This isn't a subscription based platform where we don't know our members. We want to know what you are working on, working through and celebrating!

What Can Strong Mom Society Offer?


All members gain access to a Corrective Exercise Perinatal specialist. We are the only pre and postnatal, on-demand platform offering this level of customization on the market!


Say goodbye to the fear around moving your body. Never question your workout or daily activities during pregnancy or postpartum again. We include education workshops to make sure you understand the why and the how.


We are committed to ongoing continuing education and bringing you education and workouts that you can trust with no questions asked.

our dream, we're here to help you make iNo egos included.


Members have access to everything in the movement library and new programs, workshops, and/or workouts are released every single week. You'll never run out of new content to try!

Is the Strong Mom Society Membership a good fit for you?

Strong Mom Society is for people who are:

• Wanting to remain active through pregnancy, postpartum and parenting

• Wanting to gain confidence on how to safety move through their pregnancy and postpartum period

• Wanting unlimited access to a top perinatal specialist

• Recovering from core or pelvic floor dysfunction

• Wanting to prevent pregnancy related injuries such as: diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, lower back pain, wrist pain, pelvic girdle pain, etc.

• Looking for mindful workouts with a ton of education

• Looking for a corrective exercise approach to on-demand movement

How do I know it's for me?

•You are looking for an affordable, flexible, on-demand movement platform with personal training like customization.

• You are tired of generic, one size fits all cueing.

• You are interested in understanding your workouts and how your body moves.

• Your goal is to move for health and longevity for you, your baby and your parenting years.

• You are looking to maintain and/or get back to the active lifestyle you love.

• You're looking for a highly specialized coach you can trust for feedback, support and programming recommendations.

• You are willing to commit to moving your body for a minimum of 10-min a day.

• You are committed to asking questions, understanding your body and using the resources built into the platform.

Does it matter if I'm brand new to exercise?

Nope! If you're just getting started, corrective exercise is the BEST way to start moving your body safely. You'll learn to understand your body and movement patterns in a way that you've never experienced before, not to mention, you have unlimited access to a highly specialized coach to get all your questions answered. This isn't "fitness for pregnancy and postpartum". This is learning to live in a body that feels good for a lifetime.

How much do I have to use the platform to gain the benefits?

It's totally up to you, but we think you'll feel your best if you commit to doing at least one 10-15 min corrective exercise video every day. Corrective exercise is the science of how your brain is sending signals to your muscles and using that information to train in a way that brings balance back into the body. Balance is what's going to enable you to move through your pregnancy, postpartum and parenting journey with strength, confidence and ease.

This platform was built with YOU in mind.

Coach Joanie has worked in the dance and fitness industry for over 20 years. She holds the worlds leading holistic pre and postnatal continuing education certification and has trained over 4000 pregnant and postpartum bodies. This platform is constantly growing and changing based on updated research, the changing needs and requests of her clients. This approach has be client proven to help you:

• Increase strength

• Increase mobility 

• Increase flexibility

• Workout without depleting your energy levels

• Workout in a way that corrects YOUR specific muscular imbalances

• Workout with confidence that everything you are doing is safe and right for YOUR body and baby

• Help you reach your fitness and movement goals and SUSTAIN them 

What's included in the membership?

  • Weekly newsletter
  • Access to 100's of on-demand videos
  • 5-15 min Corrective exercise workouts
  • Programs to strengthen specific areas and relieve aches and pains
  • Educational workshops to ensure you understand how to safely move through pregnancy and postpartum and are working to prevent the most common pregnancy related injuries
  • 30-min workouts in the genres of: Stretching, Mobility and Flow, Full Body Strength, Cardio Dance Conditioning
  • Unlimited access to your own Pre and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist via email and video calls
  • Personalized self guided assessment that you can submit as often as needed
  • Live, monthly, community workouts
  • Education and workouts for the pelvic floor
  • Workouts specific for the 3rd trimester and labor training
  • Postpartum recovery program that begins day 1, post birth
  • C-section recovery plan

3 Ways to Become a Member: 

MONTHLY Membership


Gain Access

6-MONTH Membership

$190/ 6-months

ANNUAL Membership



"Joanie is incredible! I came to her for lower back pain and gained so much more. My breathing work has lessened my anxiety and I now know how to modify and breathe through exercises which previously caused a ton of pain and fired the wrong muscles. No matter what I’m going through, I know Joanie can redirect me towards a safe and effective approach."

- Alex, New York City

"Joanie is a goddess in pre/post-natal workouts! She’s a magician and detective when it comes to figuring out and solving aches and pains and stops at nothing to make sure your body starts feeling better and moving correctly. I can’t recommend Joanie enough for ALL of your aches and pains!!"

- Hope, New York City

"Your support and coaching has made me feel strong, knowledgeable and prepared already and I know those feelings will only continue to grow and deepen. The ability to continue to move my body in intentional ways as I navigate the shifts has been so important to my physical and mental health. I am so lucky! Thank you for all you provide me and other women you work with."

- Ellie, Brooklyn

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