I spent all of my 20’s and early 30’s perfecting my craft as a professional dancer and relying on my body to rehearse and perform for hours on end.  Living on a dancer's budget also meant I couldn’t afford to get sick or injured. I prioritized saving money to put towards education and certifications so I could be as healthy as possible. I began to collect certifications as a holistic health coach, pilates instructor, personal trainer, TRX trainer, and took countless other continuing ed courses on everything from breathing mechanics to foam roller courses. 

Fast forward to 2015, newly married and thinking about starting a family.   In true Joanie form, I immediately started searching for a certification on how to train the pregnant and postpartum body.  I found Fit For Birth, the worlds leading holistic continuing education company, and started my coursework.  I became a Pre and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist and was blow away by all the information I didn’t know.  After 15 years of collecting education, this was the ONE course I wish I would've had all along.  I went on to take the Fit For Birth Diastasis and Core Consultant Course, became one of their world recognized PregnancySāf Elite Coaches and even joined their company as a Head Coach and the Graduate Liaison as well as PregnancySāf Program Coordinator!

When my daughter was 6 months old, I launched NYC’s premier pre and postnatal fitness studio devoted to strength training, Fit Pregnancy Club.  The company was an overnight success and I proudly saw over 4000 pregnant and postpartum bodies come through my door. I learned from talking to all of our clients that their journey mirrored my own pre/postnatal experience and I knew I was onto something that the world needed.

Ultimately, I wasn’t prepared to navigate the physical and emotional demands of running business AND being a new mom.  In short, I burned out. Even in the midst of living my dream and running a successful studio I was quickly losing passion for a cause I knew I believed in...but could no longer do it at my own expense and I made the very tough decision at the end of 2019 to leave FPC.  

After 6 months of mental and physical R&R, I knew I needed to start again. My determination to change the pregnancy and postpartum fitness industry and help moms get access to better education was still there and growing deeper. 

I started by re-building my personal training business and had a wait list in no time. If you've worked with me, you know I'm an elaborate note taker. I used my notes and findings to begin filming a Foundation Series and workouts of what my clients needed most often.  Within 5 months, I had a year's worth of video content for an on-demand studio and Strong Mom Society was born.

This long journey has given me the gift of prioritizing work/life balance and my family and I recently moved to the Caribbean. My work day stops at 1:30pm, I took up surfing and am always available for the active adventures my little family thrives on.

Just like YOU, I need my body to be able to keep up with me. I knew there had to be more to pregnancy and postpartum fitness than a long list of rules and restrictions. My love of movement brought me to my approach today.

Strong Mom Society isn't “fitness”.  It’s looking at your whole body, holistically, finding your specific muscular imbalances and working to bring your body back into balance in order to optimize your energy and prevent/heal from injuries. The fitness industry doesn't teach pregnant and birthing bodies to understand and strengthen their bodies. They only focus on keeping you “safe”.  You deserve to understand your body and learn how to support it through all the changes of pregnancy and postpartum. 

Whether it's working with me one-on-one or as member of the online studio, Strong Mom Society achieves that through education combined with 5-15min of corrective exercises every day. This is the secret to giving my clients the ability to continue living and moving in all the ways they love!

100's of Pre&Postnatal On-Demand Workouts + Education

Your life is active. You need to keep up!